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The Ancient Therapy of Cupping 

Cupping treatment

Cupping has been used for thousands of years,  but has recently gained popularity for its ability to release toxins from the tissues by enhancing circulation.  This also stimulates the immune system and reduces stress as it releases chemicals in the brain in aid of reduction of stress and some depression.  

Over time quite a number of civilisations have used this as a therapy at some point but it’s more commonly found in South East Asia today.  The western world is now using this therapy and people are seeking this as a treatment. 

There are 2 methods of Cupping therapy

  1. Wet Cupping –  this method is more evasive as the skin is pricked using a needle before the application of the cup.  This draws out the toxins of the blood that is considered to cause the body disease.  
  2. Dry Cupping – using oil on ml the skin and applying the cups to produce a reasonable amount of pressure as in the wet cupping however without any blood being let. This is the method that is used in the article.  

Why have this treatment?  

  • If you are suffering from shoulder, back tension, upper arm and headaches. 
  • If you want a deep tissue massage. 
  • Just one cupping session equates to 5 manual massage sessions.  Therefore the results of a cupping session will 5 times more intense than a normal massage session. This increases relaxation,  detoxification,  improved immunisation and muscle tension. 
  • To generally increase your wellbeing.  

How does it feel?  

  • Tight feeling on areas that have tension 
  • A tingling sensation when the cups are in the skin 
  • After the treatment depending on how strong the cupping is,  will depend on the marks if any that are left behind.  
  • Some people mark more than others.  The more toxins in a person the darker the markings are.  
  • The marks will last a number of days.  
  • You can have this treatment between every 7 to 10 days.  
  • You will feel tension become loose straight after the treatment and a warming to the area. 
  • A course of treatments are recommended as the marking will be lighter with each treatment.  Showing that the body is becoming detoxified.

Keep coming back here as we will record the healing process of this client.  
After treatment – day 1

After treatment

Day 3 after treatment
Client’s response  

Straight after the treatment,  my skin felt warm and a little sensitive.   There isn’t any pain at all. There is a warm sensation still happening even after 3 days.  My shoulder does feel looser.  I enjoyed the treatment and would have it again.  The appearance looks worse than it feels!  Because my back feels better for having the treatment.  I would have this treatments again. I enjoyed having the treatment as it relaxed my back,  it was a deep treatment as I felt the lifting of my muscles during the massage part of the treatment before the cups were stationary.  

Day 3 after treatment

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