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Kokoon Holistics Wellbeing Centre

Wellcome to Kokoon Wellbeing Centre

Wellcome to Kokoon Wellbeing Centre

I am in one of those occupations that I am lucky enough to be able to work from home!!

After 8 years of juggling parenthood and my small business, it was time to move forward.

In the last 8 years I have been providing both teaching beauty, holistic therapies and salon services. I have been honoured enough to able to develop my work with great clients and enthusiastic students. As with most businesses, they evolve and have a need to grow.  It took some time for me to decide what Kokoon was going to develop in to….

After a fantastic trip to New York earlier this year to study the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, I returned with so many inspirations. Feng Shui is an amazing subject that is like having instructions on how to work with the energies (Chi) which that are like a thumb print to each home and family.  Being brought up with a strong Chinese foundation, Feng Shui is just apart of daily life.  I was lucky enough to formalise this knowledge in New York! – You will hear more on this subject in the future :-)

On my return from New York the main question was…. “What do I want to do for myself and for others?’  This life is bigger than oneself and self gratification, as we all know it feels so good to help others.

Meditation has been apart of my life for 9 years now, this life enhancing practice has saved me. Helping me through the tough times and giving me the clarity that I needed when life’s stresses can take a hold of you.  9 years ago meditation wasn’t as popular as it is today, in fact it was to a lot of people a bit “out there”.  I didn’t really discuss the practice as I would get a few sniggers and odd looks if I ever did speak about it.  So my beautiful scared practice was to remain very private and only discussed with those who were interested.

My holistic therapies are connected to the holistic life that I seemed to be so attracted to, the mediation and therapies just seem to blend so well together.  With other subjects such as aromatherapy and crystal therapy, the dots were slowly connecting. I love my work and I love to teach, now I can share my passions in a beautiful calm place.

Please come and visit….

Here is the start of how the wellbeing centre make over went:

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Lotus Studio At Kokoon

Lotus Studio At Kokoon




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